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Dear Dancers,

Our bravest tango adventure is about to begin: The 2019 Luciana Valle Intensivo Norte (Nov 21-25, 2019). This is unlike any seminar event that has ever been hosted in the Midwest. It is unique, experimental, and we think very intriguing. Here is the updated schedule with venues. 


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Desperados Practica is a Twin Cities open practica for all dancers who wish to enjoy and perfect their dancing together.  We provide excellent music, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and no pressure.  Work on your latest move from a favorite teacher, learn something from another dancer in the room, or share a dance simply for the pleasure of it.  This is a great place to meet our community at their best.

Luciana Valle: Intesivo Norte 2019

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Nov 21 - Nov 25, 2018

Welcome to an experiment in collaboration and excellence. This is no ordinary workshop weekend. Luciana Intensivo Norte’ is the first of its kind in North America.  With three study tracks: Glide Track students dance with Luciana Trained  Service Dancers, Service Dancers get exclusive access to Luciana foundational and advanced classes. Standard Track students can take the up to six core classes with the usual partner arrangements.

In order to understand this structure, it is useful to read the whole flyer. This seminar is modeled on Luciana BA intensivos, but it is also quite different in many ways. So read the Q&A in the flyer. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

Internationally renowned and admired, Luciana Valle has been inspiring and elevating dancers for over two decades. Her virtuosic knowledge and laser sharp insights into the structure, spirit, and performance of tango are peerless. Luciana communicates tango with clarity, passion, humor, and  unmistakable authority. This fall, you can sample her intensivo experience without the intensivo air-fares. 


•    Glide Track: Boosted learning experience! 
Dance exclusively with Luciana’s North Coast team of selected Service Track dancers in the foundational and intermediate classes. 
Glide Track Dancers can also take the advanced classes, but they must sign up with a partner, or wait to be matched.
•    Service Track: Turn your tango up to 11, train and work as a Luciana assistant and help our community grow!  
As a Service Track dancer, you will enjoy exclusive access to Luciana’s assistant training. You will help Glide Track dancers learn faster, smoother, and easier in the foundation and intermediate classes. Enjoy the more advanced classes with the partner of your choice or rotate on your own terms. And you will have exclusive access to bonus Service Track dancers only classes!
•    Standard Track:
For dancers who don’t want to participate in the Glide or Service Tracks, and are willing to sign up with a partner, or wait to be matched.  Entry to all foundational, intermediate, and advanced seminars; rotating with other Standard Track dancers or with your partner.
This will be tricky!  We have only a limited number of spaces.  We have to recruit and select Service Track dancers, and we have to work harder match our applicants to their roles. 

This intensivo is progressive!
You must take the early classes to be able to take the later classes.



We dance at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis. Find us in the small ballroom.

Tango Desperados meet at Fraternal Order of Eagles
2507 East 25th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406